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DEHP visit

Visit from Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Senior staff of DEHP and members of the Reef Water Quality team visited Charters Towers last week. Some of the RWQ grazing team members sat in as observers to the Grazing BMP workshop on Monday and Tuesday while the others visited the “Wambiana” trial site and “Spyglass” research station. At a BBQ on the Monday night they were meet by DLC members, DAFF staff and other interested parties. This provided a informal atmosphere for some quite serious discussions about grazing management, environmental sustainability, biodiversity, water quality and the political machinations that can go with the mix. On the Wednesday they visited “Mt Owenee” Station, owned and operated by Doug and Zoe O’Neill.
During this visit they were able to see the regenerative results of  strategic grazing management that has been implemented following a planned capital development programme. By trebling the amount of water points and constructing some strategic fencing the O’Neills have been able to distribute grazing pressures more evenly and implement a strategic rest plan. This management programme has improved cow condition, reproduction rates and regenerated country at the same time. More kilos per hectare production, reduced cost of production from a smaller herd and improved landscape health to boot.
As more producers adopt these sort of management practices and it is demonstrated that sustainable profitable grazing does deliver good downstream environmental outcomes, industry has a good story to put to the wider community.
The DEHP crew departed with a better understanding of the complex issues involved with the grazing industry and that there is innovative work being within the industry.