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Fanning River Project

Fanning River WONS project well on track

Funding provided by Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection through the Everyone’s Environment grant program has allowed land holders in the Fanning river catchment to treat a wide variety of Weeds of National Significance (WONS). This has been in addition to  their regular weed management programs. The Fanning river group successfully applied for funding in round one that sought applications for projects that controlled pest and weeds and restored degraded landscapes amongst other project objectives.

To date, 1350 hectares of country has been treated for lantana, bellyache bush, parkinsonia, rubber vine and other associated weeds. With the weeds cleared and grazing management in place landholders are expecting an increase in desirable native pasture species. An additional benefit of this project will be improved quality of runoff water that leaves the landscape. Monitoring is in place to track and record changes in the country as a result of the project. These type of projects minimize the impact of weeds in the grazing environment and help to reduce further spread. This has productivity benefits to graziers and a huge environmental benefits to the wider community through improved biodiversity landcsape health and water quality to the Great Barrier Reef. Graziers have done well to continue with the project given the declining season and plan to have the project finished by the end of the year and reported to DEHP by late February 2014. Graziers who understand and are committed to maintaining and improving landscape health welcome the assistance that is available through funding avenues such as Everyone’s Environment grant program of the Queensland Government.