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Soil Health for grazing

Soil Health for Grazing

35 people from grazing, mining environmental, grazing extension, research and field officers attended the two one day workshops held at “Mt Ravenswood” (south of Ravenswood) and Lowholm (north of Pentland). Bruce Alchin, with many years experience in extension, research and education in the rangelands presented the training. Participants, some of whom had travelled for 3-4 hours to attend, left with greater knowledge of the properties of the soils in their paddocks and how management has such an impact upon the function below ground of soil life, organic content and water infiltration and retention. The importance soil life in a healthy grazing system and how a well managed grazing system can be at least carbon neutral.

A highlight of the days was the soil pit work where participants were able to look at soil profiles and how the physical and chemical properties of the soils changed down the profile. Mt Ravenswood on red goldfields and Lowholm on the basalt provided a look at quite contrasting soils.

NQ Dry tropics contributed a significant amount of funding toward the cost of the days that were co-hosted with DLC. We thank John and Jess Rich of Mt Ravenswood and Russ and Julia Broad of Lowholm for the efforts they put into preparations and catering.