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2014 City-Country day

City-Country Day 2014

Charters Towers people and their friends visited progressive farming and grazing families in their paddocks. It was not only a chance to see rural businesses at work it, but an opportunity to se the landscapes that they are also stewarding. Flora, fauna, geological and historical.

“Annavale” owned and operated by Peter and Sue Hammer and staff was the chance to visit an irrigation farm on the Burdekin river that grows fodder and grain that is fed in their feedlot which is stocked with their own and custom fed cattle A new feedlot of greater capacity is under construction. A commercial cattle herd supplies stock to the feedlot and bulls are sold from the stud herds. This was an opportunity for people to understand the critical timeliness and technology required to maintain a modern day supply chain like this. People also were able to see the runways and facilities that remain from the WW II Breddan airfield.

“Fletcherview” owned by  James Cook University and managed by Martin Holzwart is a commercial beef breeding and store growing business that supplies stock to trhe domestic and export market and the vet school at JCU. It is also the site of ongoing genetics and supplementary feeding research that will ultimately assist the grazing industry.  Fletcherview is at the end of the youngest lava in Qld; a mere 10,000- 12,000 years old. A pup in geological terms. It is also the site of one of the camps of Ludwig Leichhardt during his 1845 trip. His journals describe “three rocks”, basalt, granite and limestone coming together where he camped. People were able to see this ite.

It is planned to continue the City – Country day which gives those interested the chance to see the country and operations and talk with dynamic people who are passionate about  what they are doing on the land.