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Belly ache bush demonstration

Belly ache bush demonstration morning

20 land managers plus technical specialists met at a local weed site along Old Dalrymple Road on Saturday 22 March. While the focus of the demonstration presented by Dalrymple Landcare Committee, Tropical Weeds Research Centre and Charters Towers Regional Council was on the Splatter gun technique for controlling Bellyache Bush, local graziers took the opportunity to discuss current weed issues on their properties. Technical staff spoke of emerging weed problems and methods of control that include biological, chemical and grazing management. Those attending were able to view the results of control work done in the month leading up to the demonstration morning as well as use the tools involved.

The splatter gun technique of weed control involves a targeted application of a low volume, high concentration chemical mix across the leaves of the plant. This technique was developed in the forestry industry for weed control. It has great application because it can to be used in areas that are difficult to access with machinery, operators have a minimal amount of equipment to carry, it reduces the exposure of non-target plants and when used correctly there is less chemical applied. As research progresses more chemicals are being registered for this technique on an increasing list of weeds. In reducing the weed load in our rangelands there is no one technique that suits all applications.

Ultimately to have healthy landscapes, chemical management of weeds is just one of the factors to be considered along with all the management practices involving land management. Dalrymple Landcare Committee continues to advocate for this holistic approach to land management.

These informal gatherings are proving an ideal forum for land managers and technical staff to share ideas and opinions with each other and generally broaden the knowledge pool.

Two lucky draw winners each received a manual splatter gun donated by DLC. The winners of these were, Helen Olsen of “Whynot “ and Terry Davis of “Grass Hut”.