Dalrymple Landcare

About Us

The Dalrymple Landcare Committee was first formed in 1988 as a producer driven self help group aimed at improving producer awareness and understanding of land management in the Burdekin Rangelands. Since 1988, the DLC has remained a strong and effective Landcare committee in the Charters Towers Region, covering some 70 000km2 and working with over 320 landholder members.

At the peak of landcare Projects, 17 sub-catchment landcare groups existed in the region. As a result of these activities, over 57 successful projects have been designed, implemented and managed by the DLC through the numerous executors and staff.

After over 20 years of operation, the DLC remains the key Landcare group in the region, with continued focus on improved Rangeland management as well as enhanced skills and understanding of how primary production systems can be managed to maintain and enhance the natural resources in the region.

Executive Committee

The Dalrymple Landcare Committee Inc operates a four person executive committee consisting of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer. All positions are held by members of the Dalrymple Landcare Committee. Elections for the positions are held at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in November/December each year.

Current Committee Members include:

Chair : Mr. Doug O’Neill

Vice Chair : Mrs Stacey Kirkwood

Secretary : Mr. Bob Shepherd

Treasurer : Mr. Ernest Bassingthwaighte


Since 1988, the DLC has hosted six outstanding staff to develop projects with producers as well manage and deliver incentive and training packages in the local community. The success of these staff have been their knowledge of primary production systems in the local area and their ability to engage producers in sustainable land management. The Dalrymple Landcare Committee presently employs one full time coordinator- Heather Jonsson, based in the Charters Towers DAF – Department of Agriculture and Fisheries office in Charters Towers.