Dalrymple Landcare


AnnualĀ General MeetingĀ & 30th Anniversary Celebrations

Saturday 8th December 2108

DLC AGM 2018

  • Soil erosion workshop with Darryl Hill

Darryl Hill is recognised as one of the leading experts in erosion control across Australian Rangelands. His informative and popular workshops provide practical demonstrations in the correct techniques to use in order to effectively manage and control erosion on properties using various types of machinery.

During the workshop, Darryl will cover a wide range of topics including:

– Fire plough tracks

– Property roads

– Fence lines

– Treatments of washout

– Construction and maintenance of farms dams.

When and Where?

9th September 2017 – Virigina Park Station

11th September 2017 – Bunuro Station

Dalrymple Landcare Commitee Meeting at Mt Leyshon

When and Where?

15th September 2017 – Mt Leyshon