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2 community landcare groups successful

2 community landcare groups have been succesful in their applications for project funding

Towers Hill Bushcare group have received funding to put in place a storage container at their project site on Towers Hill. This funding made available through the Vounteer grants 2012 by the  Federal Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs will enable the Bushcare group to store equipment more conveniently close to the work area.

Fanning River Landcare Group were successful in their application for funding through “Everyones Environment” grants, made available by Qld Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. This will enable the group to make a concerted effort to clean up “Weeds of National Significance” (WONS) in the Fanning River catchment. Several properties are involved in the project that will remove Lantana, rubber vine, bellyache bush, chinee apple etc and rehabilitate the areas to a more natural state.  The work will have both environmental and productive benefits locally and in the downstream areas.

Dalrymple Landcare assisted with the preparation of the funding applications.

Cluster Fig planted by Bushcare 2004                            Peanut Tree, fruit and seeds

Above are some of the results of Bushcare community work on Towers Hill

    Grazing Land Management Practice Survey Results

    Grazing Land Management Practice Survey Results

    To ascertain the changes in the management of grazing lands, the Dalrymple Landcare Committee Inc commissioned a survey to determine the level of adoption of sustainable grazing land management practices and determine the impact of governments funding in facilitating the adoption process in the era of landcare. The years of 1994 and 2004 were chosen as a comparison because of their seasonal similarities. Surveys were sent out to a proportion of land managers in four groups consisting of managers pre 1994 and post 1994 then those that had received funding and those who had not. The survey consisted of six sections titled The Land, Biodiversity, The Property, The Herd, The Finances and Involvement in Landcare. The Land section was sub-titled Grazing Management, Riparian Management, Pest Management and Drought Management. Copies of the Survey results can be downloaded here.

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