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Water Quality BMP Results


Funded through the Australian Governments Caring for Our Country – Landcare Sustainable Practices programme with support from NQ Dry Tropics NRM, this project aims to engage producers in an active implementation and review of recommended grazing practices for improving water quality.

The WQ BMP Project was established to trial the implementation of a series of recommended grazing practices published in the booklet “Managing for water quality in within grazing lands of the Burdekin Catchment – Guidelines for land managers” (Coughlin et al., 2008).

The project aimed to improve landholder awareness of not only the water quality issues but also provide practical advice on what management techniques and options are available to landholders to implement such changes.

Ten proprieties with significant riparian areas were selected for the project. The properties covered a range of water course system and scales and variety of land management practices to provide the grazing industry with a sound overview of the types of management practices which are effective at improving ground cover and land condition which can be linked to an improvement in water quality.

Pasture Sampling 2009

A total of five major water courses types were addressed through the project including

  • Major water course (Burdekin River frontage, Basalt River Frontage)
  • Smaller Water course frontage (Creek/minor river frontages)
  • Braided water course (Campaspe river tributaries)
  • Gully networks
  • Permanent Springs and lakes on the basalt land types

The properties participating implemented a range of recommended grazing practices included:

  • Managing grazing pressure
  • Managing wet season rest
  • Managing for even use of pasture
  • Managing fire


The project focused heavily on assessment of ground cover and land condition as the mode of achieving an improvement in water quality. 30 pasture monitoring site were implemented across the ten proprieties.

The participants were also able to improve the property infrastructure to assist in improved management. On ground works included:

  • Installation of new water infrastructure (poly tanks, solar pumps, polypipe) for improved grazing pressure
  • Fencing to control stock access to riparian areas and adjacent frontage country
  • Improving ground cover of degraded landscapes through ripping and seeding



The Water Quality BMP project also produced four hardcopy case studies detailing project activities and outcomes on four of the ten properties involved in the project. Copies of the PDF versions of the case studies can be accessed directly here:





A broad overview of the project, the outcomes achieved including series of ground monitoring and feedback on the process and the resources used throughout the project are available in the WQ BMP Project Experiences and Outcomes document aim

Summarised Survey Results are also made available online.


This project was supported by Dalrymple Landcare Committee Inc, through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country and NQ Dry Tropics NRM.