Dalrymple Landcare

Primary Producers Resources & Tools

Below is a list of tools and links that land managers could find useful.

Grazing and Land Management

Plenty of information is available at the Future Beef site. This is a partnership of QLD, NT and WA goverments and MLA.

Vegetation Management

With changes to the way that vegetation management is administered in Qld the new webpage will assist. Vegetation Management website has information to help landholders to identify what category of vegetation is on their property and what steps can be taken to manage vegetation.

Fire Information

View current and historical fire information for Northern Australia at Fire North site.

Queensland Globe

Linked to google earth is the Qld Goverment open data initiative. This provides imagery and maps linking with vegetation, mining, cadastral, topograghical, valuaution and heaps more. Download at QLD Globe.

What Weed is that?

A Link to Biosecurity QLD’s Weeds Information webpage, listed are all major weed species found in Queensland, with fact sheets and control information, listed by common names.

Alternatively try visiting the Weed ID page for further information and photos of some of the weeds commonly found in the Charters Towers region.

MSDS/Herbicide Information

The Pest Genie website offers a range of information on control of pest plant and animal species. Search the site for information on herbicide MSDS, Herbicide Product labels, Weed Identification and control options for various pest plant and animals.

DLC Grazing Land Management Practice Survey Results

To ascertain the changes in the management of grazing lands, the Dalrymple Landcare Committee Inc commissioned a survey to determine the level of adoption of sustainable grazing land management practices and determine the impact of governments funding in facilitating the adoption process in the era of landcare. The years of 1994 and 2004 were chosen as a comparison because of their seasonal similarities. Surveys were sent out to a proportion of land managers in four groups consisting of managers pre 1994 and post 1994 then those that had received funding and those who had not. The survey consisted of six sections titled The Land, Biodiversity, The Property, The Herd, The Finances and Involvement in Landcare. The Land section was sub-titled Grazing Management, Riparian Management, Pest Management and Drought Management. Copies of the Survey results can be downloaded here. For further information please contact the Dalrymple Landcare Committee.

NQ Dry Tropics NRM

NQ Dry Tropics NRM is the Regional NRM Body for the Burdekin Catchment. This encompasses the Charters Towers Regional Council area. A number of important publications with local relevance to the Burdekin Rangelands have been produced through NQ Dry Tropics and their project partners in recent years. A full list of these publications can be found on the NQ Dry Tropics NRM Publications page.

Reef Wise Farming (Reef Protection Package)

Interested to know more about the Reef Regulations? The Qld Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) Reef Wise Farming has all the information on the Reef Protection Package. To find out more about the requirements for graziers in the CTRC region, go to the Reef Wise Farming Website