Dalrymple Landcare


What Weed is that?

For a more extensive list of weeds, online weed id, distribution and management information check:


  1. Weed identification tool
  2. infopest.com.au – Register and search by weed name for registered herbicides
  3. youtube.com/user/BiosecurityQld – Videos on weed ID and control techniques
  4. https://www.facebook.com/biosecurityqld/
  5. For all weeds facts and information: Biosecurity QLD
  6. weeds.org.au – for info on weeds in your area
  7. Queensland herbarium and how to collect and send specimen
  8. Weed Spotters’ Network Queensland




Weed list

Here are some common weeds in the Dalrymple Landcare area (click on the name to download the DAF factsheet)


This list is by no means extensive. If you have a plant of concern, do not hesitate to bring a sample to








Tropical Weeds Research Station in Charters Towers

27-43 Natal Downs Road

Charters Towers

for thorough identification.